Alaska River™ Series - Fingerless

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The Alaska River™ Fingerless Glove is our best selling fingerless glove. Constructed of windproof fleece and a 2MM sharkskin neoprene palm for enhanced grip. This fingerless glove that provides the most versatile protection during cold and wet outdoor activity without giving up dexterity for anglers. The Alaska River is one of our most popular models for touch screen compatibility.
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    alaska river fingerless gloves.

    Posted by Edward on Mar 22nd 2021

    Have a pair I bought a generation ago...still good but ragged. fished alaska and the frying pan in winter, hauled gravel and moved river rock in river,shoveled snow and drove my car...all around great gloves.

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    2nd pair

    Posted by Ron Bradbury on Jan 7th 2021

    this is my 2nd pair and they wear and work great

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    Awesome awesome awesome product perfect for steelhead fishing

    Posted by Ronald Modrzynski on Oct 29th 2020

    Love love love them!!!!

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    Alaska River fingerless

    Posted by Robert Divine on May 8th 2020

    This is a great product at a great price. I find alot of the more expensive "Tech" gloves are over engineered. This glove is functional and comfortable.Put on a latex glove underneath and you are set for most any situation. My favorite.

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    Best cool-weather fishing gloves

    Posted by Bryan Hohlfelder on Mar 18th 2019

    The Alaska River Series Fingerless gloves are a must-have for fishing during the cooler months. The half finger design allows you to keep the manual dexterity necessary for tying knots and making adjustments, as well as maintaining the sensitivity needed to feel those subtle bites. The palm material, regardless of rain, snow, or sunshine, keeps your grip firm while the rest of the gloves keeps your hands toasty warm. These are incredibly durable as well, and just plain look good. As I said, these are a must-have!

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    Alaska River River series Fingerless gloves.

    Posted by David J. Burns on Dec 20th 2018

    When I take off my Alaska Pro series Glacier Gloves after running to my spots in the early fall and late winter mornings, I will immediately put on my Glacier Glove Alaska Series Fingerless gloves. I need to keep my hands warm while using a bait caster or Spincast reel. It's important to me to allow the fingers free movement and feel at the tips. Very warm, well insulated, constructed very well and affordably priced. I really like the Velcro adjustable strap at the wrist allowing one to adjust to fit ones needs. I you like the Islamorada summer series, you will be very pleased with these Alaska River Series Fingerless Gloves. Battle Tested and Weapon Approved!

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    Alaska Fingerless gloves

    Posted by Al Dockery on Aug 23rd 2018

    Material on palms is great for wet handling. Seem to be well made. Great fit XXL. Appear to be superior to Simms at !/2 the price.

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    Alaska River Fingerless Gloves

    Posted by River Man on Oct 22nd 2017

    Purchased for spring/ fall fishing in cool weather. Great hand protection and generous fit to accommodate liners. Great price and excellent service.